Landmark Jury Verdict Win

$130 Million Jury Verdict

Anthony Ostlund attorneys help their clients secure one of the largest jury verdicts in Minnesota state court history and reclaim ownership and control of the clients' dental practices

It has been very gratifying to see justice served.  I stay in touch with my clients.  In fact, they are my dentists!  This case represented a tremendous accomplishment for the client and we were honored to assist them in achieving their professional and financial goals.” --Randy Gullickson, Attorney for Park Dental 

Our clients were faced with a bet the company case. If we had lost it is clear that our clients' business would have been destroyed. After a month long jury trial it took the jury less than four hours to deliver its verdict in our clients' favor.” --Joseph Anthony, Attorney for Park Dental

Client Issue

This lawsuit was brought by Park Dental Group, P.A. and Dental Specialist clinics - - professional associations comprised of 115 dentists - - against its administrative service provider, American Dental Partners, Inc., and its local subsidiary, PDHC, Ltd.  Our clients accused ADPI, the company to which they had outsourced most of the administrative functions of their practices, of interfering with the dentists’ legal right and obligation to control their dental practices and granting themselves excessive fees. 

The dental groups alleged that defendants wrongfully engaged in conduct constituting the practice of dentistry by seeking to direct care in violation of Minnesota law and the parties’ contract.  The dispute over control of the dental offices had caused a serious deterioration in the parties’ relationship.  Our clients wanted to terminate the 40-year contract they had signed with ADPI so that the dentists could re-assume full control over all aspects of running their dental practices.  ADPI fought this effort and took steps that interfered with the ability of Park Dental Group to open new practice locations where they could continue to care for their patients without involvement by ADPI. 

If Anthony Ostlund had lost at trial, the entire Park Dental organization would have been destroyed and its 115 doctors would have been unable to continue to provide uninterrupted care for the thousands of patients who count on them.

The Anthony Ostlund Approach

Anthony Ostlund initiated a lawsuit seeking to have the contract determined to be in violation of the Minnesota Dental Practices Act and brought claims for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and improper interference with its business.  

Results Achieved

The jury found in favor of the dental groups on the counts of breach of contract, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, breach of fiduciary duty, defamation and tortious interference with contractual relations and prospective advantage.  The jury delivered a $130 million verdict in favor of our clients comprised of $88.3 million in compensatory damages and $42.25 million in punitive damages. 

This verdict, believed to be one of the largest in Minnesota state court history, allowed our clients to terminate their relationships with ADPI and negotiate the return of ownership and control over the dental practices and clinics while putting an end to the substantial fees previously paid to ADPI. As a result of the victory, our clients are free of the 40-year contract, they independently operate all of their dental clinics, and they directly employ their entire administrative and support staff.  

Client Testimonial

Park Dental is a general dental group practice operating in the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin that was founded over 40 years ago with the mission of providing a lifetime of dental health through quality, patient-centered care.

When Park Dental needed assistance to navigate a difficult dispute to preserve our business, Anthony Ostlund provided the outstanding counsel we needed. Joe Anthony and Randy Gullickson helped us navigate the termination of a contentious business relationship with a practice management company through a successful jury trial, settlement and separation agreement.

Joe and Randy understood that our passion and professional commitment to our patients was our first priority.Their exceptional trial skills, and legal and business acumen allowed us to seamlessly provide continuity of care for all of our patients. Our business currently is growing and thriving due in no small part to the successful work of Anthony Ostlund.

--John E. Gulon, D.D.S.
  President, Park Dental

Park Dental Group, P.A. v. American Dental Partners, Inc. and PDHC, Ltd.