Art Boylan has 16 years of experience providing creative, efficient, and effective advocacy in complex business cases and other commercial litigation. He excels in the face of complex litigation where the development of a winning strategy is paramount. Art develops and executes on strategies that get his clients the best possible results.

Clients turn to Art when they need a results-driven lead trial lawyer unafraid to go the distance in business litigation. Art is known for his creative problem solving and ability to obtain the best possible result. He has a proven track record leading trial teams in any forum and obtaining favorable results for his clients. Because every client is unique, Art employs a creative and practical approach that maximizes value as much as possible.

Art has extensive experience prosecuting and defending business cases, which frequently involve claims of fraud, unfair competition, breach of contract or fiduciary duty obligations. Getting to know a business is one of the strengths within Art’s practice. Art’s deep familiarity with the legal issues ensures that his clients’ interests are protected and his tenacity comforts clients through these significant matters, which are often charged with emotion. Art focuses on resolving shareholder disputes and other disputes among closely held and family-owned business owners. Art regularly advises businesses and their officers, directors, and shareholders involved in disputes over corporate governance and minority shareholder rights.

In financial-related litigation, Art has represented many financial institutions defending against individuals' claims arising out of failed investment strategies, alleged misrepresentations, or alleged violations of the applicable regulations. Art also spent significant portion of his career defending against class actions alleging violations of various consumer protection statutes. Art’s varied experience allows him to deal with individual case while keeping his client’s larger objectives in mind.

Throughout his entire career, Art has dedicated a significant amount of time to the community. He served on the Local Rules Committee for the United States District Court of Minnesota, the Saint John’s Alumni Board, and as an officer and director of the Minnesota Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. 


“[Art’s] cool, calm demeanor helped us keep focus and maintain a positive attitude throughout the duration of our two years of litigation.... Because of our positive outcome, our business has flourished and we now have over 500 full time employees.”

Jeff Evrard, ​client - ​CEO, Summit Companies

“He is a perfect blend of skill, creativity and common sense . . . [he is] as good as anyone on his feet in the courtroom.”

Tim Becker, client – Principal, Lighthouse Management Group

“He’ll fight for you, and you never get the sense that he’s doing something only because it might be a feather in his lawyer cap . . . his focus was on [our] problem the whole way.”

John Arundel, client – CEO, Appcon

"Art always has our interest and our goal as his primary concern and never loses that vision. But more importantly, Art makes sure we don’t lose that vision. He is detail orientated and always on top of the issues at hand and prepared for what is three steps ahead us. In the end, Art has been invaluable and instrumental in protecting my family and our future goals. He’s making the law work for me.”

Brian E. Allen, client

Jury Finds Public Institution Breached Contract with Client

Following a two-week trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Art’s client. The battle was over whether a public institution had violated its contract with a start-up company that specialized in the cellular technology space. The jury agreed that the contract was breached and awarded Art’s client damages as a result.

Business Partner Awarded $1 Million Jury Verdict on Oral Promise

As lead lawyer, Art successfully enforced an oral promise amongst two business people to split the profits of a business. After four days of trial, the jury awarded Art’s client the entire amount requested.

Obtained Summary Judgment in Shareholder Rights Case and Saved Client Millions

Art defeated a minority shareholder’s effort to obtain a multi-million dollar windfall in exchange for its interest in a Minnesota corporation. The Court entered summary judgment in favor of Art’s client and denied the minority shareholder’s entire claim of unfair and prejudicial treatment. As a result, the operating agreement for Art’s client was affirmed and future shareholder buyouts were greatly reduced.

Enforcing Non-compete and Trade Secret Rights

One of Art’s clients discovered that its business partner was planning to open a competing business just down the street. The case was in Wisconsin. Art successfully sought an injunction from the local courts to prevent the opening of the business. Art successfully defeated a series of motions seeking to lift the injunction and/or dismiss the case. After two years of litigation and on the eve of trial, the defendant agreed to transfer the primary asset of the competing business (worth over $1 million) to Art’s client and refrain from competition for an additional two years.

Unwinding Fraud Against A Commercial Real Estate Developer

For many years, a property manager had perpetrated a fraudulent scheme against a commercial real estate owner and developer. When the developer was about to go under, Art was brought in. Art successfully sought the appointment of a receiver and filed a series of actions to uncover and unwind the fraudulent conduct of the property manager. Art obtained an injunction freezing the property manager’s assets, one of the fraudsters was sent to prison, and Art obtained settlements or judgments worth over $2 million for the benefit of the commercial real estate developer.

Defending Financial Institutions in Individual Claims

Art has defended a variety of financial institutions involving claims arising from failed investments, alleged misrepresentations regarding individual products or investment recommendations, and regulatory violations. Art has been involved in countless individual claims.

Defending Financial Institutions in Class Actions

As a part of his work for financial institutions, Art has served as the lead lawyer defending against class actions alleging violations of state or federal consumer protection statutes. At the very start of his career, Art dedicated himself to the defense of actions arising from the sale of life insurance products. These cases spanned the entire country and ultimately led to Art’s involvement as a part of the trial team defending against a class action seeking over $2 billion. The jury returned a verdict in favor of Art's client.

Obtaining an Injunction on Behalf of Broker Dealer

Art successfully sought an injunction against a registered representative who was stealing funds from his clients. Later, Art’s client obtained a stipulated judgment against the registered representative for $2 million. As a result of Art’s prompt action, the broker dealer minimized losses arising from the registered representative’s conduct and successfully defended all subsequent claims.

Defeating Partners in Dispute Over Family Business

Art’s client was forced out of the family-owned company and accused of breaching his fiduciary duties. The dispute involved an operating company and an asset holding company – with allegations of corporate waste. After a protracted battle and multiple lawsuits, Art’s client was successfully reinstalled and now controls the future of the company.

$2 Million Defense in Shareholder Buyout Case

Art successfully defended a company client against a $2 million demand for a stock buy-out. The matter was settled for a small fraction of the minority shareholder’s demand and before any lawsuit was filed.

$4 Million Defense of Partnership Dispute

In a private arbitration over an alleged agreement to sell a company for $9 million, Art’s client was awarded a complete defense decision. As a result, his client owed the Plaintiff nothing and Art’s client maintained full control of the company.

Recovering the Entire Business Plus $750,000 in Arbitration

In a case involving alleged fraud and other malfeasance, Art obtained a $750,000 recovery of funds and a return of the business for his business owner client in a private arbitration. In the process, Art defeated every counterclaim asserted by the other party.

Stipulated Walkaway Resolution in Alleged $5 Million Michigan Trade Secret Litigation

Art successfully defended a Minnesota based client and achieved stipulated dismissal of an alleged $5 million trade secret case pending in Michigan.

Wrongfully Terminated Sales Representatives

Many sales representatives who have been wrongfully terminated have retained Art, who has recovered the maximum possible multiple times in the past decade for terminated sales representatives.

Enforcement of Non-Compete Provisions

Many businesses have turned to Art to enforce their non-competition agreements with former employees and business partners. Art has obtained many temporary restraining orders and injunctions to enforce his client’s contractual rights.

Federal Practice Committee for the U.S. District Court in Minnesota, Member (2015)

Federal Bar Association, Co-Treasurer (2013-2014)

Federal Bar Association, Vice President, Special Events (2012-2013)

Federal Bar Association, Vice President, Membership (2011-2012)

Federal Bar Association, Vice President, Legal Education (2010-2011)

Federal Bar Association, Vice President, Monthly Meetings (2008-2010)

Minnesota State Bar Association, Task Force on Diversity in Profession (2005-2006)

Minnesota State Bar Association, Civil Litigation Section Governing Council, Liaison, (2005-2006)

Benedictine Bar Association, Co-founder.

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