Marital Dissolution Success

Success in Complex Divorce Involving Business Valuation

Anthony Ostlund obtains $5 million award for client in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a divorce with a significant business dispute

"In Bell, like many other cases where we cooperate with other lawyers across America, we established an effective team approach to solving the client's problem by combining our complimentary skills to achieve a better result.  Our expertise in private business and valuation cases gave us the advantage over opposing counsel." -- Rich Ostlund, Attorney for Ms. Bell

Client Issue

Our client was involved in an acrimonious divorce from her husband.  One of the key issues in the case was the valuation of the family business.  Local counsel in Wyoming tried the personal property issues, while Anthony Ostlund tried the business valuation case to a conclusion in Jackson Hole.

The Anthony Ostlund Approach

We determined that our expertise in private business would be best utilized focusing on the valuation aspects of this case. We coordinated with local counsel to have them focus on issues surrounding the couple's personal property, while we focused on the business issues and specifically litigating the substantial value that our client was entitled to in this divorce.

Result Achieved

Our client was awarded over $5 million for her marital share of the business as established at trial.

Bell v. Bell