Brooke Anthony is a trial lawyer and professional problem solver who internalizes her clients' passion for their business and shares her clients' commitment to success.

Brooke has particular experience working with clients who face closely-held company disputes and governance issues, employment matters, contract disputes, business torts, and professional malpractice claims. She works hard to find creative, analytical, practical, and efficient solutions to any legal problem, allowing her clients to focus on their business priorities.

Brooke knows that at times, trial is the only option.  Brooke has first- or second-chaired four bench trials and three jury trials in state and federal courts.  In 2016 alone, she first-chaired two bench trials and one jury trial.  That same year, she successfully defended a client against a multi-million dollar claim in arbitration on an extremely expedited schedule. 

Brooke's advocacy, however, does not end in the trial court. In 2014, she successfully defended a decision in the Eighth Circuit on behalf of Anthony Ostlund's client, a Fortune 100 company.  In 2016, she successfully defended a summary judgment obtained in Minnesota state court on behalf of her clients defending against a claim for professional malpractice.  In 2018, she successfully reversed, on appeal, a restitution order against her client - a result worth millions of dollars. 

Brooke also enjoys and has dedicated a portion of her practice to the community. She has served as court-appointed counsel and she is currently a volunteer attorney for the Children's Law Center of Minnesota. She also serves on the board of the Minnesota Mother Attorneys Association (MMAA).

In 2018, Brooke was selected to the American Lawyer Magazine's Young Lawyer Editorial Board which includes attorneys at firms and businesses across the United States.  In 2015, she was selected to serve on the merit selection committee for the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota and from 2010-2012 she served a two-year term on the steering committee for a United Way affinity group.

Brooke began her practice in Chicago. Prior to joining Anthony Ostlund in 2010, she was an associate at Grippo & Elden LLC (now Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.)

Skilled, Focused, Representation at Every Level

In addition to the pre-trial and appellate successes obtained for clients in the past decade, Brooke has chaired a number of trials in state and federal courts around the country.  In her first year of practice, Brooke second-chaired a product liability jury trial in the Eastern District of Wisconsin and was instrumental in securing a defense verdict for her client.  In 2016 alone, Brooke first chaired a week long bench trial in New York state court and a month-long bench trial in Minnesota state court. That same year, she was called in on the eve of trial by out of state lead counsel to chair a two-week jury trial in federal court in the District of Minnesota.  In December 2016, she tried an expedited arbitration in Arizona which was resolved in favor of her client after three days of testimony.  In 2018, Brooke argued before the New York Appellate Division for the First District, convincing the panel to modify a lower court order in her client's favor.  

Verdict for Plaintiff in Contract Case

Brooke was lead trial counsel in a jury trial on behalf of the late Marion Levine to collect outstanding principal, interest and attorney’s fees in connection with a promissory note. Ultimately, the jury found in favor of Brooke's clients and awarded damages. Robert L. Larson, Personal Representative for the Estate of Marion Levine v. Rebecca and Bradly Caron (Hennepin County District Court, January 2014). Read more

Successful Defense in FINRA Arbitration

Brooke has also successfully defended her client, Piper Jaffray, as lead counsel against claims brought by a former broker in a FINRA arbitration.

Dismissal of Putative Class Action Against Minnesota Landlord

Brooke obtained dismissal of a putative class action against Anthony Ostlund's client, a Minnesota landlord, who had been sued for allegedly violating a Minnesota statute governing the billing of utility fees to tenants. The district court kept a portion of the claim alive at the district court after a motion to dismiss and the client appealed. In a published decision issued in 2015, the Minnesota Appellate Court affirmed the district court's dismissal of part of the claim and directed the district court to dismiss the remaining part of the claim - a decision soundly in favor of Anthony Ostlund's client. Persigehl et al. v. Ridgebrook Investments Limited Partnership et al.

Dismissal of Whistleblower Claim

Brooke won summary judgment in favor of a Fortune 100 Company against a plaintiff claiming to be a whistleblower under Minn. Stat. § 181.932. The decision was affirmed on appeal. Read more

Dismissal of $1 Million Contract Claim

Brooke obtained dismissal, before discovery, of a multi-million dollar breach of contract claim brought against Best Buy in federal court in the District of Minnesota. A former executive claimed that he was entitled to an incentive payment years after he had left his employment. Brooke argued that the contract did not allow for the relief requested and the district and appellate courts agreed. Read more

Dismissal of Contract Claims In Connection with Merger

Brooke obtained dismissal of contract claims as well as claims for breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment on behalf of majority shareholder of acquired company who served as Shareholders’ Representative in a merger. The decision was affirmed on appeal.

Dismissal of Contract and Fraud Claims related to a Contract for Deed

Brooke's clients, the owners of a storage facility, came to her in early 2015 to handle claims and amended claims brought against them in federal court by a former tenant. Brooke took command of the case and moved to dismiss all of the counts against her clients with prejudice. In early 2016, a federal judge agreed and dismissed every one of the claims against Brooke's clients with prejudice.

Successful Negotiation of a Health Care Contract Dispute

In 2015 Brooke helped her client, a premier mental health care provider in Minnesota, achieve a beneficial resolution of an ongoing contract dispute with one of its insurance payers.

Success in Defense of Professionals

Brooke takes particular pride in representing other professionals facing contract and tort claims. In 2014, Brooke won summary judgment in favor of professionals who had been sued by a former client for professional negligence. The decision was upheld in 2016 by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. In 2015, Brooke obtained a complete dismissal, in arbitration, of claims for breach of a partnership agreement as well as other tort and contract claims brought against a law firm by its former partner.  In 2017, Brooke obtained a settlement on behalf of her clients which contained an agreement of no professional malpractice.  

Shareholder and Private Company Disputes

Brooke  has represented a number of family-owners, shareholders, and private company executives in connection with closely-held company ownership and employment disputes. She combines a creative, collaborative approach with a deep understanding of the intricacies of Minnesota law to help her clients navigate these issues in the most efficient way possible.  As a result, many of these cases - some of which involved multiple millions of dollars - have been resolved favorably before trial; some have even been resolved prior to the filing of a Complaint. 

Trial Court Successes Affirmed by the Appellate Courts:

Bell v. Leonard Street & Deinard P.A., et al., No. A15-1311, 2016 WL 1724274 (Minn. App. Ct. May 2, 2016)

Gorog v. Best Buy Co., Inc. et al., 760 F.3d 787 (8th Cir. 2014)

Chubboy v. Best Buy Co. Inc. et al., No. A12-2328, 2013 WL 5022194 (Minn. App. Ct. Sept. 16, 2013)

Houseman v. Whittington, No. A12-0602, 2012 WL 4052896 (Minn. App. Ct. Sept. 17, 2012)

Benson v. Stafford, 941 N.E. 2d 386 (Ill. App. Ct. 2010)

Volunteer, Steering Committee Member, United Way WINGs (Women Investing in the Next Generation), 2011-2013 

Volunteer Attorney, Children's Law Center of Minnesota

Volunteer, Feed My Starving Children 

Member, The American Lawyer Magazine Young Lawyer Editorial Board

Member, Merit Selection Panel, United States District Court District of Minnesota

Board Member, Minnesota Mother Attorneys Association

Member, Northwestern University School of Law Alumni Committee

Member, Minnesota State Bar Association

Member, Hennepin County Bar Association

Member, Federal Bar Association

Member, National Association of Women Lawyers

Extern, The Honorable Paul A. Magnuson, United States District Court for the District of Minnesota

Extern, Magistrate Judge Susan Richard Nelson, United States District Court for the District of Minnesota

Extern, United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois

Member and Regional Champion, Northwestern National Trial Team

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