Business Valuation in Marital Dissolution Proceeding

Multi-Million Dollar Asset Division

Anthony Ostlund achieves multi-million dollar asset division for client in marital dissolution proceeding

Client Issue

This was a marital dissolution proceeding.  The parties had one child and the marital estate was significant. It included a significant amount of commercial and residential real estate as well as a successful family owned business.

The Anthony Ostlund Approach

We took the time to thoroughly understand and carefully evaluate the single owner business to assess all arguments relating to value.  By carefully evaluating the opposing appraiser’s work, we were able to discredit it.

Result Achieved

This matter was tried to the Scott County Court in a 4 day trial.  Anthony Ostlund was successful in achieving a multi-million dollar asset division for the Respondent.  The biggest dispute to be tried was the value of an incorporated business.  Anthony Ostlund was successful in persuading the Judge that it was not appropriate under these specific circumstances to impose a tax to the business’s cash flow for purposes of valuation.  This resulted in the business being valued significantly higher than Petitioner’s appraiser proposed.  The matter was upheld on appeal. 

Jeffrey Hamelink v. Bonnie Jean Marie Hamelink