Injunction Barring Patent Infringement

Lawsuit Puts an End to Patent Infringement

Anthony Ostlund represents international manufacturer in patent infringement suit

We were very pleased to help Glud & Marstrand with its international efforts to enforce its intellectual property rights and prevent unfair competition.” --Courtland Merrill, Attorney for Glud & Marstrand

Client Issue

Anthony Ostlund client, Glud & Marstrand (G&M), is a Danish company that is the largest manufacturer of steel packaging in Scandinavia, and one of the largest manufacturers of steel packaging in Europe. 

G&M learned that a Belgian competitor had copied their patented design for Blu-ray and DVD packaging and was selling knockoff products to G&M’s customers at lower prices.  G&M had already sued the competitor in Europe, but then it learned that the Belgian competitor had started selling the knock-off products in the United States as well.  G&M needed to take quick action to stop its competitor from copying its products in the United States or risk permanent loss of market share.  

The Anthony Ostlund Approach

Anthony Ostlund first went to work to determine how G&M could enforce its rights against the Belgian company here, in the United States.  After some investigation, Anthony Ostlund determined that the competitor had sold the knock-off products in Ohio, near Toledo where G&M’s U.S. media packaging operations are located.  On behalf of G&M, Anthony Ostlund started a lawsuit in federal court in Toledo against the competitor for patent infringement and also moved for a preliminary injunction barring the competitor from further copying of G&M products.  

Results Achieved

The competitor agreed to a preliminary order barring its conduct and thereafter, the parties were able to resolve the matter through a settlement agreement wherein the Belgian competitor agreed to permanently stop its infringing activities.

Glud & Marstrand A/S v. Bruggeman & Desouter, Civil Action No. 3:10-cv-02217-JZ (N. D. Ohio).