Internal Investigations

Intensity and Experience

Protecting the foundation of your business. 

One mismanaged internal investigation can ruin a corporation. Our diligent, determined litigators know how to handle corporate investigations with care, ensuring that we analyze the effect of any potential litigation or situation against the business’s overarching goals.

Our team consists of attorneys with experience litigating many issues businesses encounter throughout their lifespan. Anthony Ostlund’s experience in employment litigation, securities disputes, fraud and fiduciary duty litigation, contract matters and intellectual property issues make them uniquely equipped to assess existing threats that require an internal investigation, such as fraud or corruption. We also assist clients in evaluating and navigating pending and threatened government investigations.

We represent corporations, directors, officers, and other executives on either side of an internal investigation. Whether you are a small or large company located in Minnesota or a national or global corporation located elsewhere in the United States, our litigation law firm can help.

Internal investigations are sensitive and confidential by definition.  

To protect our clients' confidences, we have not listed any particular examples here.  

If you would like more information about Anthony Ostlund's approach to internal investigations, contact us.