Solving Cases In New York

Anthony Ostlund Represents Clients In New York


Anthony Ostlund has successfully represented numerous clients in state and federal courts in New York

Anthony Ostlund has represented and currently represents multiple clients in state and federal courts in the State of New York.  Anthony Ostlund's representation of its clients in New York includes individuals challenging an injunction related to a complex trust dispute involving the propriety of transfers of life insurance proceeds and a dissenter's rights petition related to a recent merger.  Anthony Ostlund has also represented clients in the securities industry, including a securities fraud lawsuit in the federal court for the Southern District of New York, and claims in arbitration and other related investment proceedings.

Some of these matters are ongoing, while others have been resolved to the clients' satisfaction.  Multiple Anthony Ostlund lawyers have been admitted pro hac vice in state and federal courts in New York for the purpose of resolving their clients' claims and defenses.  If you find yourself needing to resolve a dispute in state or federal courts in New York, contact our law firm.