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Anthony Ostlund Obtains Summary Judgment In $200 Million Legal Malpractice Defense

August 20, 2019

Anthony Ostlund attorneys Brooke Anthony and Norman Pentelovitch obtained a complete summary judgment ruling dismissing a $200 million malpractice claim against Anthony Ostlund’s clients.

The long-running case was first filed in early-2016, alleging various claims for business torts, breach of fiduciary duty, and legal malpractice against a leading national law firm and one of its partners. While the facts of the case were complex, involving wireless communications technology and a vast array of businesses spanning the globe from Brazil to Switzerland, the Anthony Ostlund team immediately honed in on a targeted set of key legal and fact issues to narrow the issues before the Court.

The district court’s order noted Plaintiff’s “abuse” of the discovery process, and agreed with Anthony Ostlund’s legal theories that Plaintiff did not have standing and could not offer evidence of an attorney-client relationship.

Anthony Ostlund is pleased to provide industry-leading legal malpractice defense services to the nation’s largest law firms.