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Maximizing Your Energy As A Lawyer

July 23, 2018
Attorney at Law Magazine - Minnesota Edition
Author: Kristin B. Rowell

I just returned from a weekend in Austin, Texas, where I traveled to attend Ketocon. Ketocon is a conference focused on the science and stories of the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. The conference brings together people from all professions and walks of life: elite athletes, medical professionals, scientists, educators, researchers, dieticians, fitness experts, podcasters, lifestyle coaches, keto product manufacturers and of course me, a lawyer.

I started my ketogenic journey in December 2013 after I fell on a work trip in Williston, North Dakota and broke my right leg in 10 places. Following that accident, I began researching and studying the most optimal diet and workout regimens for healing, recovery, and human performance. I was determined not to let my injury ruin my running career, my strength, my fitness, my wellness, or my spirit. I was also determined to recover from my injury as quickly as possible and use it as an opportunity for growth rather than failure. I used a combination of strength training, various cardio protocols and a personalized ketogenic diet to: (a) heal my body from the devastating injury in record time, (b) run my fastest (and fasted) marathon in October 2015 at the age of 39, (c) compete as a bodybuilder (figure division) in 2017 and 2018; and (d) optimize my performance at work, including throughout trial.

I tell you all of this information about my personal life because in my 15 years of practicing law, I’ve observed and accepted that this career can be at times, physically and emotionally exhausting. To me, it is critical to maximize my energy so that I can endure what are sometimes days and weeks of lengthy work hours. In fact, I view my workout regimen and dietary choices as part of my job. My workout regimen and dietary choices have always been my primary stress relievers from the demands of my busy trial practice. In order to be able to keep my mind sharp and my energy high each day, especially during the kind of grueling hours I put in during trial, I deem it critical to be fit in mind and body so that I can perform my best for my clients and my team. Read more.