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Minnesota Court of Appeals Upholds TRO For Anthony Ostlund Clients

September 30, 2019

The Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed a district court’s grant of a temporary restraining order, ensuring the ongoing protection of Anthony Ostlund’s clients—a class of immigrants illegally detained by state law enforcement officers at the request of federal immigration agents. 

Anthony Ostlund Shareholder Norman Pentelovitch, in conjunction with the ACLU of Minnesota and supported by the State of Minnesota, argued that Sheriff Kent Wilkening’s practice of detaining immigrants at the request of ICE after state authority for detention ends, is a violation of Minnesota statutes and the Minnesota Constitution. In a unanimous decision, the Court of Appeals agreed, holding that state law enforcement officers have no authority to seize immigrants for immigration related violations.  The Court of Appeals noted that this is an issue of first impression in Minnesota.  

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