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$1.86 Million Verdict in Patent Infringement Trial Reinstated on Appeal

July 29, 2015

On July 28, 2015, the Federal Circuit found that a Wisconsin federal judge wrongly overturned a $1.86 million jury verdict won by Anthony Ostlund client Circuit Check, Inc. in a patent infringement case.

Circuit Check, which produces circuit board test fixtures, sought to stop competitor QXQ Inc. from violating its patents and selling infringing products.

Anthony Ostlund brought a suit against QXQ for patent infringement and damages for lost sales, ensuring the case stayed close to our client in the Midwest and would be reviewed by a jury. The suit was tried to a jury in Wisconsin, which found in favor of our client — but the verdict was overturned by the judge.

Anthony Ostlund appealed the decision to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Tuesday's ruling found that the judge had wrongfully overturned the jury verdict, and reinstated the original jury finding that our client's patents were valid and awarding damages for infringement.

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