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Phil Kaplan Scores Over $1 Million in Awards for Client in Breach of Lease Case

June 21, 2019

Anthony Ostlund’s client, Cedar Point, used to lease commercial space to a restaurant named Pei Wei. As a strategy to negotiate a buyout of its lease at an extreme discount, Pei Wei intentionally stopped paying rent. Cedar Point sued Pei Wei to enforce its rights under the lease.

Although Pei Wei fought to severely limit Cedar Point’s remedies, within six months after starting the lawsuit, Anthony Ostlund attorney Phil Kaplan won a series of victories that led to a total award of over $1 million for Cedar Point. The watershed moment followed Phil’s summary judgment argument, when the Court ruled from the bench that Cedar Point was entitled to an immediate payment of nearly $950,000 in accelerated rent, penalties and interest. More recently, the Court ordered Pei Wei to reimburse all of the legal fees and costs Cedar Point incurred in litigating with Pei Wei.