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Randy Gullickson and Dan Hall Prevail in Court of Appeals on Behalf of Minority Shareholder

July 15, 2019

Randy Gullickson and Dan Hall successfully convinced the Minnesota Court of Appeals to affirm a trial court judgment of over $850,000 on behalf of their client, a radiologist and shareholder in a local medical practice who was unfairly terminated from his practice and forced to give up his ownership interest. 

Randy and Dan obtained the judgment following a trial against the medical practice and two if its officers on claims for breach of fiduciary duty and shareholder oppression.  The defendants appealed the judgment.  Following extensive briefing and argument before a three-judge panel, the Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment in favor of Anthony Ostlund’s client on all of the issues raised in the appeal. (Gordon v. Consulting Radiologists, Ltd., et al.)