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Randy Gullickson and Dan Hall Prevail in Minority Shareholder Lawsuit

October 31, 2018

Anthony Ostlund has tremendous experience and takes particular pride in representing shareholders in closely-held companies navigate emotional and complex disputes.   This case is no exception.

Randy Gullickson's and Dan Hall's, client, a radiologist  shareholder and director in a local medical practice, was unfairly terminated from his practice and forced to give up his ownership interest.   Randy and Dan brought a complaint against the medical practice and two of its officers for breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder oppression and related claims.  After an 8-day trial in a Hennepin County District Court,  the Court entered judgment against all defendants and awarded Anthony Ostlund’s client over $850,000 including damages and a partial award of attorneys’ fees and expenses.  (Gordon v. Consulting Radiologists, Ltd., et al.)