Resolution in the Bakken Oil Field

Anthony Ostlund Represents Clients In The Bakken

Anthony Ostlund has successfully represented numerous clients in the Bakken oil field of western North Dakota

Anthony Ostlund has represented and currently represents multiple clients in western North Dakota on various matters related to the Bakken oil fields.  For example, Anthony Ostlund has represented a local developer in resolving claims related to its residential property development, a publicly-traded environmental company in resolving collection claims, and a transloading facility manager in litigating contract disputes. 

Some of these matters are ongoing, while others have been resolved to the clients' satisfaction.  Anthony Ostlund lawyers Norm Baer and Kristin Rowell are licensed to and regularly practice in North Dakota.  If you find yourself needing to resolve a dispute in North Dakota or specifically the Bakken region, contact our law firm today.