Owner/Shareholder/Partnership Disputes

Intensity and Experience

Partnering with you to reach an optimal outcome.

We understand the dynamics of your ownership dispute because we've represented hundreds of owners or corporations in a similar position. 

A business cannot succeed without good working relationship between its partners or shareholders. When a dispute between the owners arises, it is of the utmost importance that the dispute reaches a quick and appropriate resolution that also meets individual and business goals.

At Anthony Ostlund, our Minnesota lawyers focus on representing partners, owners, members and shareholders in closely-held or family-owned businesses. We represent Minnesota individuals and businesses in this area, as well as individuals and businesses located across the United States. We have helped develop the law in this area and have a deep understanding of the legal implications of these kinds of corporate divorces.

Focused on creativity and efficiency

Ownership disputes are personal to you, the owners. We take them personally too. We consider the big picture, and ensure our recommended legal strategies match the long-term strategies of the business. Our lawyers are steeped in the relevant law, yet nimble enough to provide creative solutions. We recognize and appreciate that our clients are looking for more than a resolution — they want to minimize the collateral damage.  

Turn to our experienced trial attorneys today for the business-minded strategy and legal representation you require when facing a shareholder or partnership dispute involving corporate mismanagement, business succession, corporate dissolution, corporate deadlock, breaches of fiduciary duty, or corporate waste of assets.

Unique aspects of family-owned or closely held businesses

For each family-business matter we handle, we marshal our experience and expertise, focus on the well-being of the family-owned business as a whole, and work hard to find a resolution that addresses both the existing legal issues and our client's long-term business goals. We understand that resources are limited and that litigation is not always the best approach. We also employ negotiation and other alternative dispute resolution processes where appropriate, to execute the best strategy focused on the client's business needs.

If you are facing a family-business dispute, partnership dispute, business divorce or corporate succession issue, let our Minneapolis law firm give you the support and guidance you deserve.

Anthony Ostlund knows and understands owner disputes. Our lawyers have litigated hundreds of these cases, including:

  • Obtained dismissal, before any discovery, of claims brought after a merger by a former shareholder against the stockholders' representative for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and unjust enrichment related to an option contract on the shares of the merged company.
  • Represented the prevailing party in the Minnesota Supreme Court of Wessin v. Archives, 581 NW2d 380, (1998) which set the standard for distinguishing direct and derivative claims by shareholders.
  • Successfully negotiated a business break-up among two business owners of a closely-held Minnesota orthotics and prosthetics business after one day of trial in Minnesota state court.
  • Our lawyers have helped shape the law in this area, representing clients in the following reported cases: U.S. Bank N.A. v. Cold Spring Granite Co., 802 N.W.2d 363 (Minn. 2011); Bolander v. Bolander, 703 N.W.2d 529 (Minn. Ct. App. 2005); Powell v. Anderson Corp., 660 N.W.2d 107 (Minn. 2003); Haley v. Forcelle, 669 N.W.2d 48 (Minn. Ct. App. 2003); Gunderson v. Alliance of Computer Professionals, Inc., 628 N.W.2d 173 (Minn. Ct. App. 2001); Wessin v. Archives, 592 N.W.2d 460 (Minn. 1999); Foy v. Klapmeier, 992 F. 2d 774 (8th Cir. 1999); Miller Waste Mills Inc. v. Mackay, 520 N.W.2d 490 (Minn. Ct. App. 1994).

Whether it be leading principles of business deadlock, the rules governing shareholder derivative suits in private companies, the rights of minority shareholders and of the company, our lawyers have been leaders in this area of the law for the past several decades in Minnesota and a variety of other states.