Plaintiffs’ Contingency Fee Litigation

Intensity and Experience

No two cases are exactly the same. We think outside the box, delivering unique strategies for unique cases. 

Most large law firms that handle business disputes do not take litigation cases on a contingent fee. Anthony Ostlund is not like most other firms.

Our Minneapolis-based law firm accepts select complex commercial litigation matters, including those where a contingent fee arrangement is appropriate. We evaluate each matter at the outset to determine whether an alternative billing arrangement is appropriate. Where such an arrangement is appropriate, we welcome the opportunity to share the risks and rewards with our clients. Our willingness to use flexible fee arrangements in unique cases allows our clients to pursue their rights without paying any attorney’s fees up front, instead paying their attorney’s fees as a percentage of any financial recovery after a successful resolution.

If you believe you have a compelling business litigation claim, but you do not have the financial wherewithal to take on your adversary on your own, contact us at 612.349.6969.

Contingency fee litigation is not a viable option in all cases, but when it is, our lawyers handle those cases with the same level of intensity as any other. For instance:

  • We recovered $63 million in private business litigation and $23 million in patent infringement litigation for our clients where we reduced our hourly rates in exchange for a result fee for extraordinary performance in the recovery.

  • We recovered $21 million contingency fee for a client who was adverse to his business partner where we obtained his business partners' agreement to sell the business.

  • We recovered $15 million and $7.5 million on contingency arrangements in recent years obtaining insurance coverage payments for clients in Texas and Phoenix from insurance carriers who refused to honor claims under their policies.

  • In other ownership disputes in recent years, we have recovered $24 million, $9 million, $5.8 million pursuant to contingency agreements with clients who have a valuable ownership asset but do not have individual ability to pay hourly rates to litigate against fellow owners who often use company money to fund their defense.